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Athletic Director

Athletic Director
From The Town Talk - Your Mail: Bravo, Bolton players

I attended the Cheerleading Competition at the Rapides Parish Fair last week to watch a family friend that is on the Pineville Junior High Danceline.

While at this event, I witnessed something that I thought should be commended.

The entire Bolton High School football team came to the event to support their cheerleaders and danceline.

They were outfitted in their jerseys and nice khaki pants. I thought that these young men should be commended on supporting the very people that are at every game in support of them.

Bolton was the only school that I observed that had football players in attendance.

I am not sure if the coach made them attend or not, but this was an amazing display of school spirit. Bravo to Bolton High School football players for being quite the gentlemen!

Jenni Lamm